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    'THANK   YOU' a powerful   expression, but most people use so casually, without much thought or feeling. Though we utter it , the meaning hardly seeps into our hearts .A routine way of showing gratitude ! big or small physical or emotional, all sorts of help extended will be returned with the same 'THANK YOU 'To make in style we send message, cards even gifts .in Canada and USA, Thanksgiving day is a national holiday .For then it is are minder to give thanks for good things, good people and for all the providential events in their lives.
     Who all we thank in our lives? What all we thankful for? We are grateful for our gains, wins joys and others achievements .Invariably we remember the people who stood by us or made our life an easy one. But.....our lives the outcome of only of all those beautiful moments? If we look back ,we see that not only the happy moments or the helpful persons ,but the not so good events  and undesirable  individuals also contributed in our growth .So ,it is very right and just to be thankful to each one and every happening in our life .A thankful heart experiences joy and freedom emanating from humility .

    Oprah Winfrey says "the more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate".    

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