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  • Academic- School Uniform
    1. To ensure uniformity in colour and shade , you are requested to take note of what is displayed on the Notice Board. It is essential for every student to come to school wearing the correct school uniform according to the school pattern. Any change in shade and pattern will not be accepted. A student who is not dressed neatly and tidily in full school uniform may not be allowed to sit in the class.
    2. The newly admitted students must start wearing the school uniform within a week of their admission. Strict action will be taken against those who ignore the rules concerning the uniforms.
      Girls : Beige Tericot pinafore white blouse and striped tie for classes I - X. The tunic should be of 6 piece umbrella cut with V neck and a fitting belt. Girls should wear red ribbons for long hair and red nylon hair-band for short hair. The length of the tunic should cover the knees.
      Girls of XI and XII : Salwar suit, beige colour salwar and beige striped kurta with   jacket.
      Boy : White short- sleeves shirt, beige short pants for the students of Stds. I  to  V and long pants for the students of Stds.  VI  to  X and striped tie.. 
      Boy of XI and XII : Beige colour pants, long sleeved shirt of Beige stripe and striped ties.  Girls and Boys should wear simple black leather shoes with white socks.
      During winter season students of class  KG-I to VI should wear maroon sweater and students of class VII  to XII should wear Maroon blazers.  

      Girls   should  wear  maroon slacks.
      P.T. and  Sports : White uniform prescribed by the school should be worn on P.T. and sports days. No student is allowed to wear loose slippers, long loose hair or fancy ornaments and cosmetics like nail polish, lipstick etc. Or to have long finger nails.
      Personal cleanliness of dress and hygiene are greatly recommended to all .
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