St. Mary's Convent Sr.Sec.School,Bhopal
Seva Sadan,Tulsi Nagar,Bhopal
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  • Fee Rules
    1. Fees should be paid in 5 instalments.
      1. I  instalment:      1st  to 10th July;
      2. II    Instalment:   1st  to 10th September
      3. III  Instalment:    1st  to 10th November
      4. IV  Instalment:    1st  to 10th January
      5. V  Instalment:     1st  to 10th February        
    2. All cheques are to be dropped either in the 'DROP BOX' in the school or at the Bank of Baroda, Malviya Nagar Branch, Bhopal in favour of 'ST. MARY'S SR. SEC. SCHOOL. If those paying full amount at the beginning (July before 10th ) will benefit Rs. 200/-
    3. Make sure that the receipts and counterfoils are duly filled in with Name Roll No. Class and section in BLOCK LETTER. Same should be entered on the back of the cheque along with your mobile number
    4. A penalty of Rs. 200/- will have to be paid along with the normal, if the fee for the processing instalment paid in the next.
    5. No post dated cheques should be dropped in the box. If cheque is returned from the bank for any reason will be charged Rs. 300/-.
    6. Fees should be paid before 10th of the month.
    7. Dues of each instalment have to be cleared before appearing for each terminal examination.
    8. No deduction is made for vacations or broken periods.
    9. Receipts should be kept in safe custody and produce them for any reference.

    10. When a fee book is lost replacement will be made on    payment of Rs. 100/- per book 
    11. A separate cheque must be made for children studying in         Pre- Primary and KG Section

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